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Watch How This Classic 46-Year-Old Ford Capri Beats ULEZ Regulations!

I’ve always had a soft spot for classic cars. There’s just something about their timeless design and raw power that modern cars can’t quite match. So when the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced in London, I was determined to beat it with my trusty 46-year-old Ford Capri.

For those who don’t know, the ULEZ is a new initiative aimed at reducing air pollution in the city by charging drivers of older, more polluting vehicles to enter certain areas. It’s a noble cause, but it’s also a bit of a headache for classic car enthusiasts like me.

My Ford Capri may not be the most fuel-efficient or environmentally friendly car on the road, but it’s got character in spades. Its V6 engine roars to life with a throaty growl that leaves modern hatchbacks in the dust. And let’s not forget about those sleek, muscular lines that turn heads wherever I go. It may not be the most practical daily driver, but it’s a joy to drive.

When the ULEZ was first announced, I’ll admit, I was a bit worried about how it would affect my beloved Capri. But then I had a brilliant idea – why not modify the engine to make it more eco-friendly? It may sound sacrilegious to some purists, but I was determined to keep driving my Capri without breaking the bank on ULEZ charges.

After some research and a few trips to the mechanic, I was able to fit my Capri with a modern catalytic converter and a more efficient fuel injection system. I also swapped out the old, worn-out engine for a refurbished unit that meets the strict emissions standards set by the ULEZ.

With these modifications, I was confident that my Capri could meet the ULEZ requirements without sacrificing its legendary performance. And I was right! When the ULEZ went into effect, my trusty Capri sailed through without incurring any charges. I was free to roam the city streets without a care in the world.

In the end, beating the ULEZ with my 46-year-old Ford Capri was a satisfying victory. It goes to show that with a little ingenuity and determination, even the oldest and thirstiest of classic cars can adapt to meet modern standards. And let’s face it – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of outsmarting the system with a piece of automotive history. Long live the classic car!

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