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Unbelievable Deals: Top-quality used cars for under £50k!

You may think that £50,000 won’t get you much when it comes to buying a car, but you’d be surprised at the options available in the used car market. With a budget of this size, you can actually get your hands on some pretty impressive vehicles that offer great performance, luxury, and style. First up, … Read more

BREAKING: VW Goes All In on Self-Driving Shuttle Development – Could This Change Transportation Forever?

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, endlessly waiting for a bus to arrive and take you to your destination? Well, Volkswagen is here to rescue you from that nightmare with their commitment to developing autonomous shuttles. The German automaker has recently announced that they are embarking on a ‘marathon’ of developing autonomous shuttles, with … Read more

Rev up your excitement with the Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX – 335bhp electric MPV ready to hit the road!

If you thought that electric vehicles were nothing but environmentally-friendly, sensible commuters that lacked any excitement, then the Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX will make you think again. This electric MPV is not your average eco-friendly people-carrier. Let’s start with the power – the ID Buzz GTX is equipped with a punchy 335bhp electric motor that … Read more

Revolutionize your driving experience with the all-new Volkswagen ID 3 GTX: the 322bhp electric hot hatch that rivals the iconic Golf GTI!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are with the Volkswagen ID 3 GTX, a brand-new electric hot hatch that’s got petrolheads around the world buzzing with excitement. This 322bhp beast is being hailed as the EV equivalent of the iconic Golf GTI, and let me tell you, it certainly lives up to the hype. First … Read more

The latest episode of the hottest car podcast featuring two automotive legends is here – don’t miss out on the new episode of My Week In Cars!

Hello and welcome to another week of revving engines, screeching tires, and plenty of banter on the latest episode of My Week In Cars with Steve Cropley and Matt Prior. In this week’s installment, the dynamic duo take us through a wide range of topics, from the latest supercars to the best family-friendly SUVs. The … Read more

Get ready for the Volkswagen ID 3 GTX – the ultimate electric Golf GTI alternative is about to drop! 🚗⚡️

Well, well, well, look what we have here – the Volkswagen ID 3 GTX, the electric Golf GTI alternative that is set to hit the market imminently. Now, as you all know, I am a huge fan of hot hatches, especially ones that pack a punch and provide a thrilling driving experience. So, naturally, I … Read more