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Toyota patented unique wheel rotation technology

The Japanese automaker is working on new wheels that will significantly expand the capabilities of cars. The brand even managed to get a patent for such a very promising development.

Toyota continues to look to the future: the Japanese have come up with a special technology that extends the functionality of conventional wheels. At one of the American forums published sketches of relevant patents.

Judging by these figures, each car wheel turns into an independent unit with its own rotation algorithm. They can rotate independently from each other along a variety of paths, up to a complete lateral displacement.

According to new technology, all-wheel drive is driven by its own power source. Obviously, such a unique wheel could get an electric car with four electric motors. However, the question of whether the new technology will be applied on production cars remains open. Very often, patents never take root on commercial vehicles.

Such maneuverable wheels would be ideal for autonomous or semi-autonomous citycar.

Meanwhile, TechArt tuning studio has prepared special wheels for the Porsche Taycan. Such tires receive enhanced customization capabilities.

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