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Toyota GR Supra: Review

Even before his birth, the car was doomed to endless comparisons: you can not just take and make Supra, so as not to fall under the barrage of criticism and admiring reviews at the same time. Toyota is only in favor: the lack of attention to the new product does not threaten.

One of the main reasons for criticism from fans of the “real” Supra, which means the latest generation of the A80, was collaboration with BMW. Is it bad? And is this a cause for discontent? And what exactly is common to the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4?

The new Supra has three competitors, and it’s not about classmates. The first and main competitor of the Supra is … Supra of the A80 generation, which has become the last one before the almost 15 year break. The second is the BMW Z4 with which the Supra, despite the different positioning, divides the platform and many components. The third one is the FT-1 concert, in the exterior of which a new generation was seen: the company supported the opinion, but in reality it turned out that the finished model is not similar not only in appearance but in size – Supra is noticeably smaller.

The length is 4,380 mm, the wheelbase is 2,470 mm. This almost corresponds to the Porsche 718 Cayman, but the overall width and wheel track of the Supra is almost 50 mm larger. Unlike the previous Supra, the novelty is designed only for two, the capacity of the trunk is not in any comparison with the A80. There is more space above the head, driving comfortably will be a driver more than 180 cm tall. Once driving, you realize that there is nothing in common with the old Supra: a high belt line with small side windows, a short and tall interior, a huge hood resembling a seashell and very short ass. At the same time, the ideal weight distribution is 50:50, the German side took care of this, although the Japanese recognize this without enthusiasm.

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