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The owner of the Ferrari 308 GTS installed the V12 engine from 400i, having spent 11 years

As part of the swap, the owner had to remake the body parts of the 1984 sports car, regain the cylinder block and cylinder head, change the intake system, and also rebuild the transmission.

11 years of work, careful processing and the engine found at the dump – a sports car Ferrari 308 GTS V12 with a capacity of about 900 horsepower. The story of a unique car was published on the Grassroots Motorsports forum. The idea of ​​swap engines came to him after the discovery of a powerful V12 engine from Ferrari 400i at the dump. Installation problems were many, and I had to rebuild not only the body, but also the engine itself. Initially, the owner of the car planned to install the head of the unit from Testarossa, but soon found out that it simply did not fit the 400i.

In the process of refinement, the engine received bore cylinders to 5.4-liter working volume, new pistons and titanium connecting rods, dry crankcase, as well as individual throttle valves from the Ducati 999 superbike. The estimated engine power increased to 900 horsepower.

Other changes include a new gearbox from Ferrari 308, a new three-disk carbon clutch, a rebuilt pedal assembly, as well as a starter-generator from Chevrolet.

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