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The new BMW M4 tested at the Nurburgring

On Monday, May 11, a video was published on YouTube with the test concept of the new generation BMW M4 sports coupe, which was put to high-speed tests on the Nurburgring’s Northern Loop. The video also gives an idea of ​​the sound of the power unit of the new model.

The new BMW M4, like the M3 sedan, will receive a standard “six” with two 3.0-liter turbines in two performance options: 480 hp. for a simple variation and 510 hp to modify Competition. At the same time, the torque remains unchanged – 600 Nm. Together with the motor, an 8-band robotized gearbox or manual transmission will function.

  The main technical difference will be that there will be a new all-wheel drive transmission, which will be borrowed from the current BMW M5 sedan. At the same time, the electronics will be able to transfer traction only to the rear axle – for driving in a controlled drift.

The debut of the BMW M3 sedan and the new generation BMW M4 coupe is due to take place in the coming months. Cars will go on sale before the end of this year.

In addition, images of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer were previously circulated on the Internet. A new generation of compact van is preparing for the premiere.

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