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Tesla creates a 12-seater electric van

Elon Musk announced plans to create public transport on electric traction back in 2016. It was then that Tesla Corporation announced 4 new products: cross, pickup, truck and bus.

The first three are Tesla Model Y, Cybertruck and Semi. There is no information about the fourth model yet. In 2017, the year the Mask company founded The Boring Company, a prototype of an unknown passenger capsule was shown. In the same period, rumors began to appear that the American corporation would not create a ground-based electric van, which should have been built on the basis of the Model X cross.

According to the thematic portal Electrek, most recently the San Bernardino County Transportation Agency has approved an agreement with The Boring Company. This firm will connect Rancho Cucamonga with Ontario Airport via a 4.5-kilometer high-speed tunnel that will allow vehicles developed by The Boring and Tesla to travel.

There are no details about the new electric cars yet. Detailed information about the project should be declassified in August or September of this year.

In addition, recently, Elon Musk took a ride on a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck. It is worth noting that the American businessman was in the passenger seat, and the car was driven by actor Jay Leno.

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