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Tesla autopilot started seeing ghosts

A video of the strange behavior of the Tesla electric vehicle’s sensors was posted on Twitter.

One of the owners of a Tesla electric car posted an unusual video on his Twitter about how the autopilot of his car was able to “see” a ghost. The video shows how the autopilot of an electric car standing in a cemetery shows the presence of a person on the monitor. At this time, the driver removes the area in front of the car, where, according to the readings of the car, there should be a pedestrian, but there is no one there.

It should be noted that according to the readings of the car’s instruments, the pedestrian was moving through the cemetery. In the comments under the post, users suggested that this is a new undocumented feature from Elon Musk. The company itself has so far refrained from commenting.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews reported that Tesla shares continued to rise in value. So, after the recent increase in value, the capitalization of the company amounted to 802.6 billion dollars, which brought its founder Elon Musk to the first line in the ranking of the richest people in the world.

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