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Swedish electric city car to be produced in Georgia

niti Sweden AB has signed an agreement with the state-owned “Partner Fund”

Swedish startup Uniti Sweden AB has a single model in its portfolio – the city electric car Uniti One. They planned to assemble the machines at the plant in the town of Landskrona, and as assistants to attract 24 production partners: Nvidia, Siemens, Tele2, Haldex and BorgWarner. It has now become known that electric vehicles will be produced in Georgia.

According to TASS information, relevant information is contained in a memorandum of intent signed by Uniti Sweden AB, the state-owned “Partner Fund” and the Georgian investment company Silk Road Group. The document “defines the principles for the development of a joint project for the production of electric vehicles in Georgia and an agreement on areas of joint production.”

In October, the government of Georgia developed a plan according to which in the next 10 years, about 90 percent of the current fleet will be replaced by electric vehicles. To encourage the transition to environmentally friendly transport introduced a preferential tax regime.

Rear-wheel drive Uniti One is equipped with a 120-kilowatt electric motor (163 power) and a traction battery with a capacity of 26 kilowatt-hours, providing a cruising range of 240 kilometers. Charging the battery from 20 percent to 85 percent takes 25 minutes. In the sport mode, the Uniti One can accelerate from zero to 80 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds, the maximum speed – 130 kilometers per hour.

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