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Skoda Has Developed an Application for Diagnosing Car Problems by Sound

The Czech company Skoda has developed an application that can simplify vehicle diagnostics.

An app called Sound Analyzer records the sound while the vehicle is in motion, and then compares the recording to the saved sound samples. If something is wrong, the app will notify the technicians and tell them where to look for the problem with over 90% accuracy.

According to company representatives, the new application can recognize ten sound patterns, including those for the steering system, the air conditioning compressor and the clutch in the direct shift gearbox (DSG).

To do this, the application converts the recorded audio file into a spectrogram that visually displays acoustic signals. The artificial intelligence technology then compares the file with the saved recordings to identify deviations. Then, using a special algorithm, the system will determine what the deviations are and how to fix them.

The app promises a number of benefits to both customers and dealers. According to Skoda, Sound Analyzer makes vehicle maintenance more efficient and shortens the time that vehicles are in service.

Skoda has tested the app in a pilot project in 14 countries, employing 245 dealers who provided audio tapes for the “educational process.”

The company also hinted that over time, the technology could be implemented in future models using special sensors that track deviations from the norm. This innovation could allow preventive maintenance as well as routine repairs over an Internet connection.

“The Sound Analyzer is a prime example of the new possibilities that Skoda is opening up through digitalization, even in terms of after-sales service. We will continue to consistently use artificial intelligence technologies to offer our customers an even more personalized service, thereby improving the quality of customer service, ” – said Stanislav Pekarz, Head of After-Sales Service at Skoda.

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