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Russian blogger burns his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S in despair

A video appeared on the YouTube channel of the Russian blogger Mikhail Litvin, which captures the moment of burning his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. As stated in the description for the video, the car broke down countless times, and the official dealer did not want to deal with it. As a result, the car had to be burned.

Remember the unfortunate Russian who dropped his Mercedes-AMG G63 from a helicopter because of the reliability of his car and problems with its official repair? Another of our compatriots faced a similar problem, only now with a different model of the automaker.

Mikhail Litvin is a Russian video blogger who had a constant “fight” with a Mercedes dealer from whom he bought his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S.

As the blogger himself says, his four-door coupe has been constantly breaking down since he bought it, and the official dealer did not want to do anything to solve this problem. He allegedly sent his car to the dealer five times already – in all cases the dealer found excuses not to repair the car, or simply kept the car for several weeks.

In the end, Lytvyn decided to send a message to Mercedes-Benz that, due to unreliability, he decided to burn his AMG GT 63 S in the middle of a wet grassy field. It was a dramatic scene, which ironically ended with him leaving (or trying) for the ZAZ 968.

The video posted at the top was uploaded 24 hours ago and has already gained over 6 million views at the time of this writing. “I have been thinking for a long time what to do with my Shark after the conflict with Mercedes. I think the idea is FIRE! That’s all … The end .. I’m not a happy person.”

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