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Presentations of new cars: Racing Point RP20

The sports betting company SportPesa left Racing Point, in the season of 2020, the Austrian BWT became the new title partner of the team – the parties decided to expand the contract for the fourth year of cooperation.

The presentation of the coloring of the new BWT Racing Point car took place in Mondsee, Austria, at the headquarters of the BWT company — it recognizes the recognizable pink colors — and there are even more of them on the RP20.

Lawrence Stroll, co-owner of the team: “I want this team to become one of the most successful. In the near future we want to maintain our previous positions, and in the medium term – to compete for third place in the Cup of designers. As for the long-term prospect, if from 2021 we get a completely new Formula 1, then I want this team to achieve excellent results in the future. “

The car shown at the presentation was last year, but with a new coloring. The real RP20 has already been sent to Barcelona, ​​where the day after tomorrow Sergio Perez will be the first to drive the tests. The team’s car, like most rivals, has only one so far – and it goes to the tests.

Otmar Safnauer, team leader: “The name Racing Point will cease to exist at the end of 2020 – in 2021 we will play under the name Aston Martin F1 Team. Now work is underway to prepare the factory team, but this does not mean that we intend to neglect the tasks for the 2020th. The RP20 must be competitive and in the forefront.

This year we want to confidently become fourth, we want to get close to the leaders and lead the middle group of teams. It is necessary to take a step forward and return to previous positions. This is not easy, as the struggle is becoming more acute. Last year, McLaren did a great job, Renault is a car maker with more than 650 people working on its team. Even Toro Rosso will be a serious contender thanks to the work done at Honda. But we have never worked so much as this winter. In fact, such a thing as a “winter break” is a thing of the past.

We must ensure that we find the right balance between the speed of development of new products and their production. At the first stage in Australia, our machine will not have too new parts, since we were engaged in development until the very last moment, but then they will appear. I think in 2020 we will see both of our pilots on the podium. “

Sergio Perez: “Year after year, I did not imagine that I would be in Formula 1 for so many years, but I am impressed with how this team progresses. With new leadership and support for BWT, we will reach new heights. This team has excellent prospects, I am glad that my contract has recently been extended.

This winter I woke up early, because now I have two children – the vacations turned out to be eventful, but February came and I was looking forward to the opportunity to get back behind the wheel. The car looks great, I think it should be fast. I believe in our team, so I extended the contract immediately for three years – until the end of 2022.

This year we will be working on tests for only six days, it is important to use each of them to the maximum.

Lance Stroll: “Future collaboration with Aston-Martin is my father’s project. Of course, we discussed this topic with him. This is very interesting news, and I like these changes in the team. But our new car is still pink and we need to focus on this season, so I don’t want to dive into the conversation about Aston Martin yet.

This is a great name and a terrific brand. In my opinion, the partnership with Aston Martin has encouraged everyone who works at Racing Point. This is an interesting project, and it should add value to our team. It’s great in many ways. ”

Technical specifications Racing Point RP20

Chassis: Monocoque made of carbon fiber and composite materials with zilon protective panels.

Suspension: Aluminum struts with composite carbon fiber wishbones, tie rod and push rod. Torsion springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bar are located inside the chassis.

Rims: manufacturer – BBS, front dimensions – 13 * 13.7 inches, rear – 13 * 16.9 inches.

Clutch: manufacturer – AP Racing.

Tires: Pirelli P Zero.

Brake system: Brembo brake calipers, a proprietary brake-by-wire system with carbon fiber discs and brake pads.

Electronics: FIA certified standard electronic engine control unit, proprietary wiring.

Width: 2000 millimeters.

Length: 5600 mm.

Weight: 746 kg with a racer, but without fuel.

Weight distribution: between 45.4% and 46.4%.

Propulsion supplier: Mercedes HPP.

Powerplant: Mercedes-AMG F1 M11 EQ Power + 6-cylinder V-shaped turbo engine with energy recovery system.

Gearbox: Mercedes GP, 8-speed semi-automatic.

Lubricants: manufactured by Ravenol.

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