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Porsche will be an all-electric brand by 2030

In 2030, Porsche will offer almost exclusively electric models. This was announced by CEO Oliver Blum during a conference of the German Institute for Automotive Sciences in Stuttgart. In addition, the sports car brand specializes in the development of synthetic fuels.

Porsche’s strategy seems quite simple: the company is focused on three types of drive, electric, hybrid and gasoline, but in 2025 50% of Porsches sold globally should be purely electric, and by 2030 this figure will exceed 80%. Plug-in hybrids now have a significant market share but are phasing out of the lineup. Ultimately, there are very few fuel engines left in 2030 and will obviously be GT models.

Porsche is also making big strides in the short term. The new Macan, which hits the market in 2022, will be fully electric. In addition, the Taycan Cross Turismo will appear.

In addition to developing electric vehicles, Porsche is investing in synthetic fuels. Oliver Blum emphasizes that this development does not compete with electric mobility, but complements it. During the presentation, the CEO once again stressed that he does not believe in hydrogen. As such, battery-powered electric vehicles will eventually dominate the Porsche offering.

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