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Porsche 914 will become the most affordable car brand

Cheaper entry-level Porsche, according to the developers of the company, would be the right decision.

Nowadays, the cheapest new Targa from Porsche is priced at least $ 110,300. But what can you say if a team from Zuffenhausen offers a much more affordable targu? In fact, such a fall would undermine even the 718 Boxster for $ 59,600. However, this scenario is not out of the question, because in one of the interviews, Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer talks about replacing the 912th model and how 550 Spyder influenced its design.

When asked about the prospects of the modern 914th, Mauer admitted that this is a “very interesting” proposal, and this is a hot topic that has been discussed for a long time inside the company. He further mentioned that it was time for a sports car that would be more affordable than the Boxster. Ideally, it would be a car “almost without an electrician, all mechanical, puristic.”

Another scenario is to develop a car that would serve those who drive the Audi TT RS and VW Golf R32, adding that it will be a modern 550 “in the broadest sense”. However, he is concerned that sales will not be good enough for such a car, so there is simply no business case. The man at the origins of the design of the original Mercedes A-Class and the first SLK did not immediately say that Porsche was working on a new base model, but suggested that such a car is a great opportunity to expand the company’s customer base.

It is too early to say whether the new 914 will have a top in a targa style, like the original, but the fact that the designer works with 914 using a shortened, purist approach inspires hope that the model will indeed be launched. Reading between the lines, it seems that a cheaper mid-engined car is more than just an idea, as progress has been made and the “awakening” of the 914th has entered the design phase.

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