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Pope moved to Nissan pickup

The pontiff rode a specially prepared NP300 during his recent visit to Mauritius.

Special vehicles for the pontiff were the subject of heated discussions of the decade, some of which were quite elegant. Dad rode on the Lincoln Continental created especially for him in the 1960s, in the 1980s he had a chic Mercedes S-Class, and a few years ago he even had a special Mercedes M-Class. Now, Nissan was honored to build a new vehicle for the religious leader for the first time for the Japanese automaker. And finally, the automaker presented his creation.

In fact, this is not as strange as it seems. When the Pope travels, exclusive “papamobiles” are often created for him so as not to transport one model around the world. During a recent trip by Pope Francis to Africa, he visited Mauritius, where he expected a truly white Nissan NP300 with a large glass body and a seat in the cargo compartment. The local company ABC Coachworks, associated with ABC Motors, which, in turn, is associated with Nissan, was responsible for the modification.

“ABC Automobile, as one big family, is fully committed to creating a pop-car worthy of the name and standard of the Vatican. We are still amazed at the results of the three-month hard work. We are so proud to have contributed, in our own way, before the arrival of the pope, ”said Dean H-Chuen, Managing Director of ABC Automobile.

Recall that the Nissan NP300 in some countries, including Russia, is better known as Navara. Since 1997, it has undergone only minor changes, and we suspect that this may be one of the most significant moments in the history of the truck.

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