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Opel will change the logo and corporate color

Now the main emphasis in the company logo is the lightning, for which the rim around it has become thinner. In addition, the logo has lost its volume effect. The new corporate color of the company belonging to the PSA concern is yellow, which, according to Opel designers, symbolizes the era of electrification.

The new font, called “Opel Next”, is lighter, more energetic and modern. A partially new logo design was reportedly featured on the Opel GT X Experimental Concept. This concept served as the basis for the second-generation Mokka crossover, which just tried on the new style of Opel.

Earlier, we reported that the new Opel Astra will receive a “charged” version of the OPC. It is assumed that the hatchback will receive a hybrid power plant with a capacity of about 300 hp. and an all-wheel drive system.

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