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Opel plans to release 5 new and updated models

As part of the official presentation of Opel, which touched on the development of the company’s model range in the next two years, a slide was published on which all planned new products are shown.

According to the slide image that appeared on the Web, in 2020 the automaker plans to show five new products at once. These include the compact Crossland X crossover, which replaced the Meriva minivan. However, next year only scheduled restyling awaits him.

The next in line was the Insignia family, pictures of test instances of which were repeatedly published on our website. It also became known that the Opel Mokka crossover will migrate to the Common Modular Platform (CMP), its closest relative will be the upgraded Peugeot 2008, from which, by the way, Opel will borrow the motor range. An electrified version of the Mocca-e will also appear, this is an analogue of the Peugeot e-2008, in which the power plant produces 136 hp, and the power reserve on a fully charged battery is 315 km.

On the slide, the Vivaro-e electric cargo van is also listed in 2020, but the virtual debut has already taken place earlier. There is no data on the power plant yet, only the characteristics of the traction battery are known. In total there will be 2 versions with batteries with a capacity of 50 and 75 kW / h, the first will pull up to 200 km on one charge, the second – up to 300 km. Sales start in the summer.

Judging by the same slide, in 2021, the Opel electric line will replenish immediately with eight new models. Also, a new generation of the Grandland X crossover will debut in a year.

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