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New Ferrari Purosangue will be the world’s first SUV brand

Ferrari is approaching the production of its first Purosangue SUV, which will be inspired by the recently unveiled Roma GT.

The technological foundations of the recently launched Ferrari Roma GT should be used to create the most controversial car planned by Ferrari – the Purosangue SUV. Named by Ferrari marketers as “FUV,” which will be introduced in 2021, Purosangue will use an adapted version of a modular multi-component front-engine platform.

“In general, we will have two families of architecture – families with front and rear engine. There is modularity, and especially in front-facing architecture, we must provide for many more models. We have 2 + 2, we have 4+, we think about Purosangue and so on, ”said Ferrari chief technology officer Michael Lithers.

It is also reported that the new all-wheel drive platform is compatible with V6, V8 and V12 engines. The next V12 Ferrari is unlikely to be an SUV, but according to marketing director Enrico Gallier, the company is already working on the next hypercar, which will appear after 2022.

Ferrari Executive Director suggested that the philosophy of the new product will focus on lightness, handling and aerodynamics. Thus, he can become a competitor to Aston Martin Valkyrie, who refuses heavy hybrid technology.

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