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Mercedes-AMG A45 in tuning from Renntech issues 592 “horses” on dyno stand

Tuning studio Renntech, originally from Florida (USA), presented several stages of increasing power for the high-performance German hatchback Mercedes-AMG A45. In its most powerful form, the car can give out 592 “horses”.

Renntech is one of the main companies involved in tuning production models of the German Mercedes-Benz brand. Thanks to the achievements of the company’s specialists, it was possible to significantly increase the power of the high-performance hatchback A45.

It is worth noting that in its standard form, the car boasts 387 hp. and 480 Nm. So, the company’s specialists offer several levels of power increase. Stage 1 – the first stage of increasing productivity, increases the number of horsepower to 416, while the maximum torque indicator becomes equal to 500 Nm. Well, with Stage 2, the German hatchback already boasts 592 hp.

To get 592 horsepower, the A45 requires modified engine and turbocharger software, as well as a more efficient exhaust system.

 For those customers who do not want to make mechanical changes to their car, the studio also has the option to increase the engine performance “only” to 469 hp. (575 Nm) – in this case, only some changes to the software are required.

Currently, Renntech does not name the dynamic characteristics of the hatchback after installing its updates. For reference, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in the most powerful model from Mercedes-AMG (A45 S) takes 3.9 seconds. It can be assumed that modified machines will be able to reduce this result by several tenths of a second.

 Renntech is working on other “parts” for the A45. By the end of February, customers can order a downpipe (an exhaust system component that is designed to combine a turbine with an exhaust system) and a sports catalytic converter. “On the way” there is also a streamlined exhaust that improves the sound of the car, but retains the original catalytic converter. Customers will be able to add a remote control exhaust valve module that allows them to fully open the dampers and thereby change the exhaust sound regardless of driving mode.

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