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McLaren’s New Hybrid Supercar Debut Date Revealed

Very soon, the British automaker will unveil its new hybrid supercar. The novelty will be based on a new platform, on which future McLaren electric vehicles will be built in the future.

McLaren, who has produced a P1 hybrid in the past as well as a Speedtail supercar, is no stranger to hybrid supercars. But apparently, the company will soon have a breakthrough in this area – it became known that the British automaker is preparing to present a completely new platform in which electrification is the main priority. The brand’s first production model to take advantage of this architecture will arrive sometime in 2021, although the British supercar manufacturer is still withholding details about the new vehicle.

The new architecture is said to make extensive use of carbon fiber to keep overall weight as low as possible, making cars safer than current generation models.

Without going into details, the company says its new vehicle platform is based on “innovative, world-first processes and techniques to eliminate excess weight, reduce overall vehicle weight, and further improve safety performance.”

The electrified supercar due next year is just the tip of the iceberg, as the platform is described as flexible, which means it will form the basis for many other McLaren models. Compared to the original 2010 MonoCell chassis that debuted on the MP4-12C, McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flyitt said the new bogie has “greater structural integrity and a higher level of quality.”

He went on to clarify that the new platform “will pave the way for McLaren’s first purely electric vehicle.” Of course, he didn’t talk about when the car would actually appear.

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