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Join Steve Cropley and Matt Prior as they talk about their exciting week in cars in the latest podcast episode (ep. 65)

Well, well, well, look what we have here! Another week, another episode of the Steve Cropley and Matt Prior podcast hitting the airwaves. And let me tell you, this one was a right corker.

This week’s installment of “My Week in Cars” was chock full of automotive banter and a healthy dose of dry British humor, all delivered in the unmistakable style that only Cropley and Prior can provide. The dynamic duo covered everything from the latest industry news to their own personal car escapades, and as always, they didn’t hold back.

The episode kicked off with a discussion about the new Land Rover Defender, a vehicle that has had the automotive world in a tizzy since its release. Cropley and Prior weren’t afraid to give their unfiltered opinions on the controversial design and engineering choices, and let’s just say, they weren’t exactly singing its praises.

Moving on from the Defender, the pair delved into the topic of electric vehicles, with Prior providing some insight into his recent experiences with various EVs. As always, the debate over the future of electric propulsion in the automotive industry was a heated one, with both hosts offering up their own perspectives on the matter.

Of course, no episode of “My Week in Cars” would be complete without a healthy dose of car-related anecdotes, and this week didn’t disappoint. From Cropley’s latest escapades behind the wheel of a classic Aston Martin to Prior’s musings on his trusty VW Golf, there was no shortage of entertaining stories to keep listeners entertained.

As the episode drew to a close, the hosts couldn’t resist a bit of friendly jibing at each other’s expense, as is customary. It’s clear that after 65 episodes, the chemistry between these two is as strong as ever, and their banter is as entertaining as it is endearing.

In all, this episode of “My Week in Cars” was a delightfully entertaining romp through the world of automotive news and personal adventures. If you’re a fan of candid, lighthearted car talk, you’ll definitely want to give this one a listen. Just be sure to buckle up – you’re in for quite the ride. Cheers!

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