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Interstyl Hustler or a very unusual car made of wood

The entire body of the Interstyl Hustler is made of wood. The car, which was designed by William Townes back in 1978, uses some of the components from Mini cars. A total of 500 wooden cars were sold.

The car I’m talking about in today’s article is called the Hustler, and yes, its entire body is made of marine plywood. Wood panels cover the solid metal base – everything from wheels to wheels is made of wood. In particular, the dashboard, pillars, floor, and even small items like the gear knob are all made of wood. It’s the same under the hood, where you’ll find wooden inner fenders, a wooden core prop, and a wooden motor shield.

However, it is not really a tree. The lower section is made of fiberglass and uses front and rear subframes from the British Mini.

In fact, most of the mechanical components were borrowed from Mini cars, not to mention the steering wheel and dashboard. The headlights are from Hillman Hunter, the taillights are from Triumph Dolomite.

Looking through the exterior of this car, you will notice a strange resemblance to the Aston Martin Lagonda, especially at the front. This is because both cars were designed by renowned designer William Townes around the same time. Townes developed the Hustler concept in 1978 and then began offering it for sale in 1979. Wood was not the only material buyers could choose, but it was undoubtedly the most interesting of them. It is believed that the 500 kits were eventually sold through Interstyl Design, which Townes set up after leaving Aston Martin.

This is a 1982 model and the person who built it was a fairly skilled carpenter. The furiousdriving YouTube video suggests that the wood kit didn’t include pre-cut wood pieces, but blueprints. The doors are really just large sections of sliding glass that fit into the wood body, and this car even has wood luggage slats on the roof. Two seats in the front, two more folding seats in the back. It is reported that when driving, the wooden car makes a lot of noise and vibration.

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