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In Japan, showed a funny tuning for Daihatsu Taft and Suzuki Hustler

Japanese company Damd has demonstrated several upgrade kits for Daihatsu Taft and Suzuki Hustler.

Taft has got two variations: Taft Little D and Taft 80’s. The name Little D is short for Little Defender. The resemblance to the previous generation of the iconic British SUV lies in the strict front grille with right angles and minimalistic lamellas.

Taft 80’s is designed for people who are nostalgic for the 80s. The sides are decorated with decals decorated in the spirit of that period, and the shade is quite consistent with the time.

For Suzuki Hustler also released 2 versions of tuning: Carabiner and Classico. The first has a front grill, like an army Willys MB SUV from World War II. Green coloring and stamped black rims reinforce the resemblance.

Hustler Classico in style is also close to the 80th. The fine-mesh radiator grill can be white or black. Roof mounted on the roof. The cost of new sets is currently not disclosed.

In addition, an aggressive tuning kit consisting of unique wheels and wider wheel arches was prepared for the new Toyota RAV4.

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