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Gigantic lines sprung up at Tesla charging stations in the USA

Due to the increase in the number of electric vehicles, the demand for free sockets has increased

Before American motorists had time to move away from the many kilometers of traffic jams that arose due to Thanksgiving, a new problem appeared: crowded Supercharger stations, on which Tesla electric cars can be recharged. For example, one of them has accumulated fifty who want to connect the car to a power outlet.

A video shot at one of California’s Supercharger stations is gaining popularity on Facebook – there is a queue of more than 50 electric vehicles. This excitement is explained by the fact that this recharge point is located halfway from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Even the presence of 40 charging racks does not solve the problem: the fact is that the more electric vehicles are simultaneously connected to outlets, the slower the charging speed throughout the station. Accordingly, the waiting time increases, more and more cars arrive, and drivers have to take a queue.

A similar situation occurred on Thanksgiving at rush hour in another California city, in San Luis Obispo. In line with the local Supercharger station, an eyewitness counted 15 Tesla electric vehicles.

A total of 1,636 Supercharger stations operate in the United States. Tesla’s immediate plans include expanding the network of new generation charging points that can charge three Model 3 electric cars in just five minutes.

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