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Ford will release a crossover to compete with the Jeep Compass

The production of the new SUV, as well as its coupe-like variation, will be established at the corporation in Brazil.

Ford’s business in Brazil is doing very well: last year, the brand sold 235,418 copies of cars, which ensured itself the fourth place in the ranking of the most popular brands. But this year they registered a decrease of 5%: in the first 10 months, the brand’s cars sold 185 900 units. As a result, the brand ranked fifth in the list of the most sought after brands.

Now, the company decided that the brand needed new crossovers, and, as it turned out, they were already being developed. About this agency “Quatrorodas” said the head of the South American division of the company Lyle Waters.

 As he noted, the corporation’s product should be “more competitive”, for this reason it was decided to release 2 new cross-countries and use the capacities of the enterprise in Camasari (Brazil) for these purposes. Now it produces compact compact cars Ford Ka and EcoSport crossovers.

 A new mid-size cross and its coupe-like modification will begin to be produced in mid-2020. The names of new products have not yet been disclosed, at the same time, the internal indexes are known – BX784 with a “normal” roof and BX785 with a “sloping”. Most likely, their sales will start in 2022 – 2023.

In addition, the agency notes that the new cars will not be as compact as EcoSport. They will be based on a new platform, which is still unknown. They will receive a spacious lounge and luggage compartment of a rather substantial volume.

 According to press reports, the “standard” cross is likely to subsequently receive the name Territory. It is worth mentioning that a cross with the same name will appear on sale in the Brazilian market in 2020, while cars will be brought from China. It is not yet clear what will happen in this case with the imported model, maybe at first they will still sell it under a different name (although now on the local Ford web portal this SUV is announced exactly as Territory).

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