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Ford Forced to Suspend Deliveries of Hybrid Version of Kuga Due to Serious Problems

Officials from the American automaker have already confirmed this information. The problem lies with the batteries.

Ford is suspending shipments of a hybrid version of the Kuga PHEV due to battery problems. During operation, the batteries overheat greatly, which is dangerous even with a fire. Recall that the sales of the hybrid version of the Ford Kuga began in Europe quite recently, while the car started off very confidently on the market. Now, however, demand for a crossover could drop significantly.

Note that the suspension of supplies applies to all cars produced before June 26. Also, the company has already confirmed four cases of battery fires. At the same time, Ford not only limited itself to stopping supplies, but also contacted the owners of such cars and asked them not to temporarily charge their cars. Most likely, Ford will announce a recall campaign soon.

At the moment, the cause of the malfunction has not yet been identified – according to preliminary data, the problem can be detected on 27 thousand cars. On the positive side, it should be noted that there are no injuries or damage to those who bought such cars.

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