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Experts predicted the auto industry in Germany in the future mass layoffs

Experts came to the conclusion that in 10 years, 410 thousand Germans involved in the automobile industry may lose their jobs.

The European Commission not so long ago again tightened the requirements for emission standards for cars sold in the EU. In this regard, the largest German automakers undertook to develop green technologies. Otherwise, they face huge fines. This leads to the fact that approximately 90% of workers involved in automobile production will fall under the reduction. So, to create one part for cars you need 10 employees, and in the production of electric cars, only one is enough. According to a study by Edelman Trust Barometer, 73% of the working population of Germany are afraid of losing their jobs due to the technological revolution.

It is worth recalling that some environmentalists in Germany advocated deforestation for the construction of Gigafactory. Some believe that, having reached the heart of the German automobile industry, Tesla founder Elon Musk “offends” Germany. But according to others, the American in this way will stimulate the development of German technology. In addition, a number of experts call the loss of jobs a normal process for the modern economy, since this is the only way to stay on the market.

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