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Ex-Porsche Designer Has Worked on the Look of the New Enovate ME7 Crossover

Visitors to the automobile exhibition in Guangzhou will be able to see the ambitious project of a young startup Enovate, founded by former top manager of Shanghai –Volkswagen Jang Hailiang. In the role of the chief designer of the new Chinese brand, a native of Porsche became Hakan Saracoglu. Currently, Enovate is preparing a high-profile premiere of its Enovate ME7 electric crossover, which currently exists only as a concept.

It is planned that the brand will prepare a serial electro-crossover for the Shanghai Motor Show, which will open its doors in April 2019.

With its dimensions, the Enovate ME7 is similar to the luxury compact crossover Mercedes GLC. Stylish shapes, good aerodynamics, LED optics, designer wheels by 21 inches – all this is an innovative concept from Enovate.

The car’s interior is equipped with five displays at once, three of which are located in the front of the car: in front of the driver and passenger, as well as in the central part of the front panel. Two more touch screens are built into the backs of the front seats – they are designed for passengers traveling in the rear seats.

In addition, the novelty receives adaptive cruise control, driver’s face recognition system and emergency braking, as well as other electronic assistants. The traction battery was hidden by the developers under the passenger compartment floor, and on each axle there is one electric motor, whose total power reaches 435 hp Hundreds of such cars are gaining in 4.9 seconds, and the power reserve without recharging is 500 km. If you move at a speed of 60km / h in a more economical mode, this figure will increase to 700 km. Sales Enovate ME7 can begin in the second half of 2019.

Earlier at the special event in Stockholm presented the Mercedes-Benz EQC electrocross.

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