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Discover the Shocking Secret for Electric Laggards to Achieve the 22% EV Mandate by 2024!

You know, there’s an ongoing revolution in the automotive industry that many seem to be overlooking. It’s this electric car thing, you see. Electric vehicles, or EVs if you’re into being a fancy acronym enthusiast, are creating quite a buzz these days. But while some car manufacturers are sprinting towards a future full of corded cars, others are leniently dragging their feet, like that kid who never wanted to participate in the egg and spoon race at school. Yes, I’m talking about the electric laggards.

Now, these electric laggards are a curious bunch. They’re hesitant, skeptical, and just not quite convinced that EVs are the way to go. They look at Tesla and scoff, nevermind the fact that Elon Musk has become the closest thing we have to a real-life Tony Stark. These traditional automakers, the self-confessed technological skeptics, are content with their scruffy old internal combustion engines, their roaring exhausts, and their adventurous fuel consumption. They genuinely believe that plug-in electric vehicles are just a passing fad, a hipster trend that will fade away faster than one of those easily smudged Instagram filters.

However, my dear readers, there might be hope for these electric laggards yet. A glimmer of light at the end of their fossil fuel-powered tunnel. You see, some countries have realized that, in order to save our beloved planet from collapsing into an apocalyptic hellscape, a little nudge is needed. And that nudge comes in the form of mandates. Yes, policies have been put in place to push automakers towards producing a certain percentage of electric vehicles by a specific date. It’s like telling a child they must eat their vegetables before they can have dessert.

Take California, for example. Those eccentric West-Coasters have set a rather ambitious goal for their automakers: a whopping 22% of all new vehicles sold in the state must be emissions-free by 2024. That’s right, my fellow car enthusiasts, 22%! It may seem like an unreachable feat for these electric laggards, but who knows? Stranger things have happened in the whirlwind of the automotive industry.

The key for these hesitant automakers lies in a simple concept: adapt or die. Just like any other industry, failing to adapt to changing market demands can lead to your swift demise. And with other manufacturers, like Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford, embracing electric mobility with open arms, their competitors may start to feel the pressure of being left in the dust.

Of course, there are barriers that need to be shattered, like the cost of EV technology, the charging infrastructure, and the range anxiety that even the most environmentally-conscious drivers face. These electric laggards need to invest heavily in research and development, tap into their creative reservoirs, and go full Tony Stark on us. Cutting-edge innovation is what will ultimately make or break their success in achieving this 22% EV mandate.

Now, before you dismiss this entire idea as a pipe dream, let’s remember one thing: history has a funny way of proving skeptics wrong. Remember when people claimed that horses would forever be the primary mode of transportation? Well, they were right until they weren’t. And here we are today, with cars dominating our cities and highways.

So, dear electric laggards, I implore you to rise to the occasion. Embrace the change, bring those EVs to life, and give them the fighting chance they deserve. Let’s see if you can hit that 22% EV mandate in 2024. Just remember, a little bit of electric shock can sometimes be a good thing.

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