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Crossover Zotye T600 new generation appeared on the “live” photo

The official images of the standard new Zotye T600 manufacturer were distributed in May 2018. Now the Chinese media replicated the “live” photos of the “SUV”. Recall, in the Celestial T600 – this is a whole family: in addition to the “usual” cross-country it includes “sporty” and compartmentalized modifications, they have the Sport and Coupe attachments respectively, all three SUVs differ from each other in design. Standard cross is released in 2013, the T600 Sport debuted in 2016, and the T600 Coupe in 2017. The last two options are likely to change until they are.

If the first simple T600 at the front is similar to the old Volkswagen Touareg, then the Chinese car of the second generation found its original look. And, judging from the stern, the T600 Coupe was used as a basis: the same understated roof and black insets on the rear pillars; The lanterns have the same shape, but they are connected by an LED crossover to a standard crossover. The rear bumper of the conventional T600 is different. The interior is also completely redesigned: the T600 has received a new front panel, another climate control unit, a virtual device and a multimedia system with a touch screen that rises above the panel.

According to preliminary data, the length of the second generation Zotye T600 is 4 691 mm, which is 60 mm larger than the predecessor. The height only increased by 2 mm and reached 1 696 mm, the width and wheelbase did not change – 1,893 and 2,807 mm.

On the motor scale of the new SUV information yet. The predecessor in China is equipped with petrol turbo four 1.5 (162 hp) and 2.0 (190 hp), both engines are completed with a five-speed manual transmission, for a two-liter robotic transmission is still provided. Crossover Zotye T600 Sport with the same motors and transmissions as the usual T600 of the first generation, and the T600 Coupe can be bought with a 156-horsepower 1.5T (manual or automatic transmission) or turbo engine 1.8 with 177 hp, which works in a pair with the robotic transmission. The drive for all current modifications is only front, the new T600 all-wheel drive version is also unlikely to appear.

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