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Chinese electric car exploded while charging

The incident took place in the Chinese city of Sanming

An eyewitness video of the explosion of an electric car at a charging station in the city of Sanming in southern China appeared on the Web. According to local media reports, at the time of the explosion, the car was connected to a charger.

Judging by the footage, it could be one of Tesla’s Chinese competitors – the BAIC EX360 crossover, or a hybrid car of the same brand.

The car started to smoke almost immediately after it was connected to the charger. The owner called the firefighters, who arrived at the scene and tried to cool the car with cold water: the video shows that they sent a jet to its rear.

However, this did not work – after a few minutes the electric car exploded. The body panels flew in different directions, punching a hole in the roof of the electric filling station. What caused the incident is unknown. Fortunately, passers-by, like the owner, kept their distance from the smoking car and no one was hurt.

This is not the first time an electric car spontaneously ignites. Last year, it was reported about a Hyundai Kona crossover that exploded on charging, and a Tesla Model S liftback that caught fire in a regular parking lot for no apparent reason. Tesla later found out that a defective battery module was the cause of spontaneous combustion of the car.

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