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Chery Ant electric crossover will go on sale at the end of August

Another promising electric car with a body type that is popular today is entering the celestial car market. Initially, the electric crossover appeared in the media under the name Chery eQ5. However, this name was not official.

Battery SUV Chery Ant for the first time after its debut on patent images was known under different names – Chery eQ5 and Chery S61.

Now, this electric crossover, comparable in size to the Audi Q5, is ready to enter the home market. The start of sales of the “green” car new is scheduled for the end of this month. Recall that it was originally planned that the new electric crossover will appear in China in June, but later the terms were adjusted.

The length of the Chinese electric car reaches 4 630 mm with a wheelbase of 2 830 mm, and its width and height are 1 910 and 1655 mm, respectively. The SUV is based on the latest modular platform, created specifically for purely electric models.

The body of the car is almost completely aluminum – 93 percent. The motors here will be located on both axles, with buyers being able to choose between two power levels. This is where the technical details end.

The manufacturer also managed to declassify the Chery Ant mileage – the crossover will cover about 510 kilometers on a single charge.

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