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AUDI has announced a new type of suspension eROT

Audi has been developing innovative suspension, through which significantly increase comfort and reduce fuel consumption.

Audi has introduced a new technology eROT (electromechanical rotary dampers – “electromechanical rotary shock absorbers”). It allows you to use the kinetic energy from the movement racks for charging lithium-ion batteries.

Instead of the usual vertical dampers German engineers attached to the wheels compact dampers with integrated gearbox and generator. When driving over bumps kinetic energy from the movement of the wheel passes through gears, and is converted into electricity in the accumulator accumulates a volume of 0.5 kw/h.

During the tests it was found out that when driving on a flat road, the system generates around 3 kW, and when driving in bad coverage – is 613 watts. This power can be used to rotate the motor in a hybrid vehicle, for example, for feeding light optics. All this will help to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of three grams per kilometer.

Also eROT system is much better adapted to the irregularities and driving style than the usual controlled suspension. Dampers are easily configured through the electronics and virtually eliminate breakdowns. Moreover, their horizontal arrangement can increase the amount of luggage.

When eROT system will debut on a production car, not reported.

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