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Asymmetric hypercar DS debuts at an exhibition in France

Avant-garde and elegant cars, as if arriving to us from the future, will embody the most successful design solutions of last year’s renderers.

DS Automobile, which last year, with the power of “collective intelligence”, invented the electric concept DS X E-Tense, assembled a real car based on all rendered renderings. The concept car, which clearly demonstrates how the models of the brand will look like in 2035, loses in aerodynamics and functionality for the sake of a truly fantastic appearance. Before us is an alloy of two cars, not otherwise. “Avant-garde” is enough for the technical part: two electric motors spin the front wheels! The total power of the power plant, according to the developers, reaches 1,360 hp.

Of course, such a return hypercar shows only on the track. For public roads is called another figure – 540 hp In the manufacture of cars was not without carbon fiber, and its suspension causes persistent associations with Formula E race cars.

The passenger seat here gets its indoor mini-saloon, while the driver sits in a helmet under the open sky. Particular attention should be paid to the “grid” located on the front and rear of the hypercar. This is not only a very successful design element, but also reliable protection. According to engineers, this is a revolutionary technology that is able to restore the shape of a car in an accident. How this process happens is a secret. It is known that, especially for E-Tense, special ergonomic seats will be created that can take the shape of a seated back, and also experiment with acoustics.

 Whether these ideas were realized in a real car, we will find out already at the end of this week. June 30th DS X E-Tense can become one of the exhibits of the exhibition “Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille”, the venue of which will be the courtyard of the castle of Chantilly in France.

In the meantime, Aston Martin has confirmed the name Valhalla for its new hypercar.

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