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Americans Have Developed a New Electric Motor

A small Texas-based company founded by father and son said it could increase the output of electric motors by a factor of 2–3.

According to the statement of Fred and Brad Hunstable – the founders of the company – with the same size, the same weight, the same volume and the same amount of energy supplied to the engine, their device will produce two to three times more torque than any electric motor in the world. The inventors themselves call their device “a three-dimensional permanent magnet motor with a circular flow and four rotors”.

The basis of the novelty is a fixed stator and 1-2 rotating rotors. A copper winding circuit is also used, reminiscent of that in the latest wave of axial motors, which excludes end windings, so the entire magnetic flux is used to create torque. The design of the winding also requires less copper, which reduces weight. The software can change the phasing of power for emulation from a single-phase to a six-phase motor without changing any factor of energy input into the motor.

Linear Labs claims that it can not only make the most powerful electric motor for electric vehicles. When it comes to electric cars, the company advertises a “minimum 10% larger range” of a given battery capacity with its motor.

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