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A Prototype of the German VW Transporter T7 Van Spotted

The German VW Transporter T7 station wagon was spotted at the Nürburgring race track. The camouflaged novelty underwent a series of high-speed tests.

The seventh generation Volkswagen Transporter is under development. A couple of minutes ago, our publication had a video at its disposal, which captured a test prototype of a German van, which underwent high-speed tests at the Nürburgring race track.

The prototype tires squeal as the large van makes the Nordschleife bends. Despite the fairly high center of gravity, the suspension seems to keep body roll under control. The car cannot be called nimble, but on the track it does not look too bulky.

The next-generation Transporter we saw on the Ring was a plug-in hybrid version of the van with a charging port on the front passenger side fender.

This detail is missing from the video, which suggests that the VW team is testing a version of the revamped van with an internal combustion engine.

The new Transporter has undergone some pretty big design changes with a tiny quarter window between the A-pillar and the door.

It seems that depending on the trim level of the new Transporter, different combinations of false radiator grille and front bumper will be available to buyers. Like the current van version, VW will offer the new product with a variety of roof and wheelbase configurations for a variety of tasks.

The composition of the engine range for the new product is still a mystery – most likely, buyers will be able to access hybrid, plug-in hybrid PHEV, gasoline and diesel power plants.

The T7 will go on sale in Europe in 2021. The debut date is currently unknown.

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