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Unleash Your Inner Racer with Gran Turismo: The Ultimate Go Kart Experience!

I’ve always loved cars. The sleek lines, the powerful engines, the feeling of speed as you tear down the road – it’s intoxicating. But my love affair with cars didn’t start behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Porsche. No, it started in a tattered old go kart, careening around a makeshift track in … Read more

Richard Hammond’s Epic Christmas Car Adventures Unveiled: You Won’t Believe What He Got Up To!

Well, I must say, it’s been quite a week in the world of cars. I’ve had the pleasure of spending my time with the one and only Richard Hammond for a Christmas special edition of My Week In Cars. There’s been no shortage of festive cheer and drive time shenanigans, that’s for sure. We kicked … Read more

Get ready to obsess over the ultimate adrenaline rush: pick-up truck racing is the new motorsport sensation you can’t miss!

There’s a new motorsport in town, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Forget about the sleek, high-speed machines of Formula 1 or the precision driving of rally racing. This new sport is all about raw power and big, burly trucks. Introducing pick-up truck racing – the newest addition to the motorsport world that … Read more

Prepare to be blown away by the most stunning car photos of 2023 – you won’t believe your eyes!

Well, well, well, it’s that time of year again when we take a look back at some of the most stunning automotive photography from the past twelve months. And let me tell you, 2023 did not disappoint. First up, we have a simply breathtaking shot of the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail tearing down the track … Read more

Discover the Hottest New Cars of 2023 – Who’s Winning and Losing in the Market!

Well, 2023 has been quite the year for the new car market, with winners and losers emerging in equal measure. Let’s start with the losers, because everyone loves a bit of schadenfreude, don’t they? First up, it’s the large diesel SUVs. Once the darlings of the family car market, these lumbering beasts have fallen out … Read more