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The Shocking End of Petrol Stations: What Happens When Every Car Goes Electric?

Well, it’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind lately: what happens to petrol stations when every car is electric? As an avid car enthusiast, I’ve been pondering this very scenario and the implications it will have on the automotive industry. First and foremost, it’s clear that the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is inevitable. … Read more

Unbelievable! The top 10 most affordable sports cars for 2023 will blow your mind 🚗💨

If you’re a petrolhead on a budget, fear not! There are plenty of affordable sports cars hitting the market in 2023 that will get your heart racing without breaking the bank. So, sit back, buckle up, and let’s take a look at the top 10 best affordable sports cars for 2023. First up, we have … Read more

The Top 10 Hottest Cars in Europe – Find Out Which Models are Flying off the Lots in 2023!

In the motoring world, the battle for the title of best-selling cars in Europe is always fierce. Manufacturers are constantly vying for the top spot, with each new model release and marketing campaign designed to win over the hearts and minds of European drivers. So, as we hit the halfway point of 2023, let’s take … Read more

Breaking: Nissan’s Latest Announcement Will Change the Game for EVs – New Qashqai and Juke Models Coming Soon!

Well, it’s official! Nissan has announced that they will be building new electric versions of their popular Qashqai and Juke models in their Sunderland plant. This is great news for the British automotive industry and further proof that the future is electric. Now, some people may scoff at the idea of electric SUVs, but I … Read more

Get ready for the future: Nissan’s Qashqai EV commitment proves the resilience of the British car industry!

When it comes to the British car industry, it’s easy to feel a sense of pride. From iconic brands like Jaguar and Aston Martin to the countless automotive innovations that have come out of the UK, there’s no denying that the country has a rich history when it comes to cars. And now, with Nissan’s … Read more

Get ready for the future! Nissan announces plans to produce electric Juke and Qashqai in Sunderland

Well well well, it seems like Nissan is getting all revved up to electrify its lineup, with plans to build electric versions of the Juke and Qashqai right here in Sunderland. And let me tell you, that’s some electrifying news indeed. Now I know what you’re thinking. Electric cars? In Sunderland? Isn’t that where they … Read more

Breaking: Nissan set to produce electric Juke and Qashqai models at Sunderland plant!

Well, well, well, it looks like Nissan is finally jumping on the electric bandwagon, and dare I say it, it’s about time. According to reports, the Japanese car manufacturer is planning to build electric versions of its Juke and Qashqai models at its Sunderland plant. Now, this is big news for the UK automotive industry, … Read more

Discover the Hottest 2023 Lightweight and Track Day Specials – You Won’t Believe #7!

Now, when it comes to lightweight and track day specials, it’s fair to say that 2023 has brought us some of the best offerings yet. Whether you’re a seasoned track day enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a nimble, high-performance machine, there is something on this list for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive … Read more