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Audi Introduced The New Electro Cross E-Tron Quattro

Discover the future of electric cars with Audi’s game-changing Electro Cross E-Tron Quattro. Experience power, innovation, and luxury like never before. Click now! You’re going to love Audi’s latest release, the new Electro Cross E-Tron Quattro. With its innovative design and advanced technology, this electric powerhouse is set to revolutionize your driving experience. Get ready … Read more

Chinese Brand Wey Built A Crossover With A Holographic Virtual Assistant

Discover the future of driving with Chinese brand Wey’s groundbreaking crossover featuring a holographic virtual assistant. Click now to experience automotive innovation! Get ready to experience a new level of automotive technology with Wey’s groundbreaking crossover. This Chinese brand has built a vehicle featuring a holographic virtual assistant, revolutionizing the way you interact with your … Read more

New Renault Kadjar 2022 presented in renders

Unveiling the stunning 2022 Renault Kadjar in mesmerizing renders. Get a sneak peek at the future of automotive excellence! Click now for an exclusive preview. Get ready to experience the freedom of the all-new Renault Kadjar 2022! With its enhanced exterior design, advanced technology features, and powerful performance upgrades, this SUV is built to take … Read more

Mercedes Benz Recalls More Than 264 Thousand Cars Due To The Threat Of Ignition In 2021

Mercedes Benz ignites concern! Find out why over 264K cars are being recalled in 2021. Don’t let your safety be compromised – read now! Are you a Mercedes Benz owner? Brace yourself for some important news. Mercedes Benz has issued a recall affecting over 264 thousand cars in 2021 due to a serious ignition threat. … Read more

Volkswagen plans to deliver 100,000 ID.4 electric crossovers this year

Volkswagen plans to deliver 100,000 ID.4 electric crossovers this year

Volkswagen’s electrifying goals: Unveiling plans to roll out 100k Id.4 electric crossovers in 2021. Don’t miss out on the EV revolution, click here! Looking for a game-changing move in the electric vehicle market? Volkswagen has got you covered. Get ready to be amazed as they unveil the stylish and eco-friendly Id.4 electric crossover. Breaking barriers … Read more

Hypercar Estrema Fulminea Will Get a Hybrid Battery

Hypercar Estrema Fulminea will get a hybrid battery

Discover the electrifying power of the Hypercar Estrema Fulminea as it embraces a hybrid battery technology, revolutionizing the world of high-performance vehicles. Get ready to experience the power and efficiency of the future with the Estrema Fulminea hypercar. In a groundbreaking move, this cutting-edge vehicle is set to receive a hybrid battery, revolutionizing the world … Read more

Chinese FAW teamed up with American startup

Chinese FAW teamed up with American startup

According to chief designer Walter de Silva, the S9’s design is “in its final stages” and the production model will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Chinese automaker FAW Group and US startup Silk EV issued a joint announcement in which they announced plans to invest up to 1 billion euros in … Read more

Tesla autopilot started seeing ghosts

Tesla autopilot started seeing ghosts

A video of the strange behavior of the Tesla electric vehicle’s sensors was posted on Twitter. One of the owners of a Tesla electric car posted an unusual video on his Twitter about how the autopilot of his car was able to “see” a ghost. The video shows how the autopilot of an electric car … Read more