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What happens if you refill the car with antifreeze? Blogger set an experiment

The SUV Mercedes-Benz ML 500 of the first generation became an experimental vehicle. The result of the experiment was quite expected.

A young American blogger of Ukrainian origin became famous for his sophisticated methods of mocking technique. This kind of sadism turned out to be very popular among Internet users, and the blog’s YouTube blog TechRax has already collected 6.1 million subscribers. Basically, the young experimenter is mocking smartphones, but at the end of last year there were also cars in his “program schedule”: he already managed to fill up the BMW 3 Series with Coca-Cola, BMW Z3 roadster with liquid nitrogen and Porsche Boxster expensive whiskey. Now he bought a staggering, but still on the move Mercedes-Benz ML 500 and fed it with antifreeze.

In the tank of the car there was gasoline, so we got a mixture of gasoline and antifreeze. On it, Mercedes safely moved and accelerated to about 100 km / h, but the author of the experiment sitting behind the wheel soon felt a strange smell in the cabin, after which a check engine lamp caught fire on the instrument panel. After a couple of minutes, the engine stalled and brought it back to the tank of gasoline. The blogger stated that the car had died, as, indeed, in all previous similar experiments. But this time he did not tell us how much the mechanics appreciated the repair of the machine subjected to the barbaric treatment.

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