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Volkswagen company apologized for financing the monkey emission test

Volkswagen was accused of financing tests carried out by the European Research Group for the Protection of the Environment and Health in the Transport Sector. To demonstrate the safety of diesel engine emissions, specialists used monkeys, reports The New York Times. Tests were conducted as early as 2014.

According to the newspaper, the animals were locked in special airtight cameras, where the Volkswagen Beetle exhaust was sent. Tests over monkeys lasted about four hours.

In turn, Volkswagen acknowledged his participation in the experiment, reports Bloomberg. The company stressed that participation in such a project is a mistake, and they regret what happened.

“We apologize for the wrong decision and lack of competence among the people responsible for this. We are convinced that the chosen scientific methods were erroneous. Of course, it would be better to do without such a study, “Volkswagen quoted the publication as saying.

Also according to The New York Times, Daimler, BMW and Robert Bosch participated in the research. However, companies have already denied this information.

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