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Two supercars Audi R8 in the building for a billion dollars

Two supercars Audi R8 photographed in the most expensive shopping mall in the world – Al Hazm in Qatar Doha, for the construction of which was spent more than 825 million dollars.

The images of the cars are posted on the Facebook page of the Auditography photographer, and the video is on his YouTube channel.

About 60,000 tons of stones and marble from Palestine and Tuscany were used to build the shopping center. The task was to build a building in the style of European shopping series of the XVIII century with massive columns, arches and domes. Now Al Hazm is called the “shopping center for millionaires.”

In the shooting participated Audi R8 in modifications with full and rear drive. Both cars are equipped with ten-cylinder engines in capacity of 5.2 liters, however in the first case the unit gives out 610 forces, and in the second – 540 forces.
The all-wheel drive variant accelerate to 100 km/h in 3,2 seconds, and rear-wheel-drive – 3,7 seconds. The rear-wheel-drive supercar released in a limited edition of 999 cars.

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