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Tuning atelier Lanzante presented longtail-version of the hypercar McLaren P1 GT

The British studio Lanzante presented a longtail-version of the hypercar McLaren P1 GT. The machine with an elongated tail section, like the racing F1 GTR from the 1990s, was built on the order of an unnamed customer from the Middle East.

A unique hypercar was created based on the track version of the P1 – GTR coupe. The car changed the front part of the body: in particular, there appeared a new splitter and wings with ventilation slots. The extended rear part of the body was supplemented with a massive fixed wing, diffuser and an exhaust system with four nozzles.

Have there been any changes in the technical stuffing, yet not reported. The usual McLaren P1 GTR is equipped with a hybrid power plant based on a 3.8-liter twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine. The total output is 1000 horsepower. Up to 100 km/h track hypercar accelerates in 2.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 362 kilometers per hour.

In 2016, Lanzante released a road version of the super-hybrid P1 GTR, calling it P1 LM. From the original car P1 LM was distinguished by advanced aerodynamics, reduced by 60 kilograms weight and improved thermal insulation of the power plant.

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