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Toyota will combine 10 thousand batteries from old Prius in a supercharge battery

toyota prius

Toyota is developing ways to reuse batteries from power plants of old hybrid and electric cars that have served their end. As the Auto Express magazine writes, the manufacturer wants to build a “super-accumulator” and connect it to the city’s electricity network.

For the project, Toyota intends to take 10,000 old batteries from Prius hybrids and electric cars iQ, combining them into one battery with a capacity of 10,000 kilowatts. It will absorb surplus electricity during the period of minimal network use, and also store energy generated by stations with windmills and solar panels.

Then, under peak loads or emergency situations, the superacumulator will return energy back to the household network. In the Toyota are sure that even old batteries with reduced capacity can cope with this task, surviving fluctuations in voltage and frequency. Most of the batteries will be nickel-metal hydride.

The project is implemented jointly with the Japanese energy company Chubu Electric Power, which supplies electricity to the Chuba region of the Japanese island of Honshu.

Work on the project will begin this year. If the tests are successful, then a huge super battery will be built by 2020.

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