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Three models of Toyota prepared for heavy off-road

toyota trd pro

Toyota Company has presented special versions of models Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra, prepared by experts of division TRD. The public premiere of the new products, which received equipment for driving on heavy off-road, will be held in the framework of the motor show in Chicago.

Updated cars from the TRD Pro range were equipped with special off-road shock absorbers Fox with an aluminum casing, as well as springs that were individually tuned for each model. In addition, the cars received upgraded air intakes.

Finally, SUVs can be equipped with LED optics, another radiator grille, and 18-inch aluminum wheels BBS with all-terrain tires Michelin.

All cars are equipped with a stabilization system, traction control, ABS and an electronic brake force distribution system.

In front of the “Tundra” in the shock absorbers are used 11 bypass zones – seven for compression and four for retreat, and behind – 12 zones (eight and four for compression and retreat, respectively). At the front, the ground clearance is increased by 51 millimeters, and the course of the suspension is increased by 38 millimeters. Behind the course of the suspension was more by 51 millimeters.

In the Tacoma TRD Pro pickup, the shock absorbers in the front have eight bypass zones, and at the back – 11. The car’s ground clearance and track are increased by 25 millimeters.

The 4Runner shock absorbers have seven and 11 bypass zones in front and behind, respectively. From the front, the ground clearance and the course of the suspension increased by 25 millimeters. The car received 17-inch wheels with Nitto Terra Grappler tires and a roof rack.

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