The World’s First Floating Underwater Tunnel

The World’s First Floating Underwater Tunnel

July 27, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Norway is famous for its beautiful nature and plenty of fjords. Some of the best, most scenic road trips can be experienced in Norway but driving some of Norway’s coastal routes can take a lot of time. As the weather is very changeable in Norway (especially in winter), sometimes the drivers have to spend on travel the 100-kilometer stretch of road almost half of day.


A new project Norway’s engineers can cut the trip in half and make it easy for drivers to cross country’s fjords. A bridge won’t do because  the difficult terrain in these regions makes them unsuited for an ordinary bridge: they’re too wide and too deep. Engineers suggest to build “underwater bridge”. This is experimental construction of tunnels held up by pontoons. Each such “underwater bridge” will feature two tunnels positioned side by side and will be wide enough for two lanes of traffic.


A project to build the first underwater bridges will cost $25 billion and be completed by 2035.