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The woman went for two weeks on a strange machine, without noticing this

A resident of Canada accidentally stole an Infiniti crossover from the parking lot of the Wallmart supermarket. Detecting it was possible two weeks later, when she tried to return the car to a car rental company, where she previously left on the sedan Nissan Sentra. This is reported by The Guardian.

After talking with the “hijacker”, the police found out that the woman in the parking lot simply confused the cars. She even managed to get Infiniti, because the owner left an electronic key in the cabin. For two weeks she drove on a crossover on her business, not noticing that this is another car.

All this time the rented Nissan Sentra stood there, where it parked, and the owner of Infiniti has already managed to declare about the theft. After clarifying the circumstances, the policemen decided not to initiate a case against the woman, because they considered that there was no malice in her actions.

A similar incident occurred with the inhabitant of Portland Erin Hatzi in 2016. Her Subaru Impreza took an unknown woman from the parking lot, having mixed up with the same car owned by a friend.

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