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The new head of Volkswagen gave testimony to the dieselgate to the US authorities

Herbert Disse, who headed the German concern in April, traveled to the United States to chat with representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the FBI

The new head of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Disse, recently gave evidence in a case about the “diesel scandal” around the German automaker. About this with reference to its own source, the newspaper Bild reports.

Disse spoke with representatives of the US Department of Justice, as well as with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Earlier it became known that the US authorities had entered into a special agreement with the new head of Volkswagen, according to which Disse could enter the United States unhindered without fear of being arrested.

Herbert Disse joined Volkswagen in July 2015, about two months before the United States Department of the Environment (EPA) accused the group of using “fraudulent” software in diesel engines. In mid-April 2018, Disse became head of VW, replacing Matthias Muller on this post.

In early May, the US authorities argued and issued a warrant against the former chairman of the Volkswagen Board of Directors Martin Vinterkorn, who headed VW at the start of the diesel engine.

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