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The motorcyclist, who got into an accident at 376 km/h, again set a speed record

Zev Eisenberg, who owns several world speed records on motorcycles, became the fastest man who moved on a wheeled vehicle on sand. During the event Straightliners Top Speed, held on the Welsh beach Pendine Sands, Eisenberg was able to accelerate on a motorcycle to 324.4 kilometers per hour. This is reported by Visor Down.

Zev ran the Suzuki Hayabusa sports bike, due to the color of the nickname Green Meanie. The motorcycle is equipped with an engine of 1340 cubic centimeters, supplemented by a mechanical supercharger. The delivery of the unit is 355 horsepower instead of 198 for the base model.

In 2016, Eisenberg fell into a serious accident: during the establishment of a new record, he fell from a motorcycle at a speed of 376 kilometers per hour. During the fall, the overload reached 25g, and Eisenberg got a lot of fractures.

After intensive treatment and rehabilitation at Leeds Hospital, General Infirmary Eisenberg again took the helm of the motorcycle to return a year later to the Alvington airfield where the accident occurred in order to test the new motorcycle.

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