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The motorcyclist fixes the speed record of the most dangerous race

Racer Dean Harrison was the first rider who managed during the legendary race on the Isle of Man – Isle of Man TT – to accelerate over 215 kilometers per hour. Part of the pilot’s flight board is published on the official YouTube channel of the competition.

Starting with the first attempt, Harrison showed an average speed of 216.34 kilometers per hour. He managed to drive a 60.7-kilometer track in 16 minutes 50,384 seconds, becoming the first person in the history of Isle of Man TT, who was able to leave seventeen minutes. However, even with this result, the rider could not compete for the victory, having dropped out of the race in the fourth race due to the failure of the clutch.

The winner of the Isle of Man TT race was Michael Dunlop. The average speed of the Danlon during the competition was 213.9 kilometers per hour.

Another record holder of the race was Peter Hickman. He on his motorcycle BMW was able to show almost the same speed as Harrison – 216.3 kilometers per hour.

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